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OT Strategy Caps for Duplication Technique

Spare Parts: OT Strategy

By Rhein 83, Italy

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General Name: Spare Parts: OT Strategy

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Product Variants

Attachments and Pre-fabricated Castable Components


OT Strategy caps are available for both duplication & fabrication using a stainless-steel housing technique.  

Product Features
  • Rhein 83 caps are manufactured from an elastic material that increases the contact zone with the sphere, giving mechanical & friction retention.
  • Caps are color-coded indicating fine levels of retention.
  • Tools for paralleling, inserting & removing caps are available.
Specs: Details: Description:
Height: Not Available
Width: Not Available
Depth: Not Available
Net Weight: 1.0 Gram
Gross Weight: 1.0 Gram
Replaceable: No
Returnable: No

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238 customer reviews

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